We offer solutions ranging from road transport loads – parcel deliveries in full trucks to transport general goods, goods that require temperature cotrol, garments on hangers, both locally and across Europe.


Own cargo vans of 3.5 tonnes

  • Exclusive – rapid transport
  • Blocks / parcel
  • Textile transport on hangers


Department of shipments will help you save time and effort in searching for you a means of transport that will carry cargo safely and on time. We offer transport services regarding freight forwarder, both in Romania and across Europe.

For this we provide a large number of trucks from 1.5 tonnes to 22 tonnes useful. We carry both freight and full truck loads.

We have the means to offer you trucks for:

– palletised freight

– general merchandise

– perishable goods

– frozen goods

– garments on hangers

– machines of different sizes

– oversized transport

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